Erigga – men who introduce girls to smoking should commit to marrying them

men who introduce girls

men who introduce girls; Nigerian rapper Erigga has voiced his concerns about the increasing trend of women adopting smoking habits, particularly involving substances like “loud” (a specific strain of cannabis) and CSP. He went further to propose that any man who introduces a girl to these substances should contemplate the idea of marrying her, as if to take responsibility for their influence.

Moreover, Erigga didn’t stop there; he took the opportunity to criticize men for perpetuating a practice that could indirectly encourage prostitution. He pointed out that some men seem to make business sponsorship contingent upon female entrepreneurs visiting their homes, a situation that might potentially lead to compromising or exploitative dynamics. This commentary shed light on complex societal issues, highlighting the importance of personal responsibility and ethical considerations in these contexts men who introduce girls .

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