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Police discovered a Yahoo academy in Abuja, apprehended six

Yahoo academy in Abuja; Following intelligence reports, the police launched an investigation that led to the arrest of six individuals who confessed to being part of a cybercrime syndicate operating in Abuja.

The syndicate perpetrated various cybercrimes, including Business Email Compromise, Romance Scams, and High Yield Investment Program Fraud.

The suspects are in police custody and have admitted to various cybercrimes such as identity theft, hacking, trading of hacked Facebook accounts, romance scams, and computer-related fraud.

The acting Inspector-General of Police emphasized the force’s commitment to combatting crime and ensuring online safety. Efforts are underway to arrest other members of the criminal network, and the arrested suspects will face legal charges.

Yahoo academy in Abuja; The police urge the public to report any cybercrime recruitment centers and mentoring hubs in their areas and remain vigilant in reporting suspicious online activities.

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