Tems – “Why I started making music”

Why I started making music

 Why I started making music In a recent interview, Tems opened up about her music journey, revealing that her solitude, devoid of friends, served as the catalyst for her artistic expression.

She explained that her desire to convey her inner turmoil and emotions led her to create music, as she struggled to find someone she could confide in.

Tems also touched upon her distinctiveness as an artist and why she viewed herself differently from other Nigerian musicians. She confidently stated, “I’m not in competition with fellow artists; I’m in competition with myself. There’s no one who can rival me.” Her sense of originality and authenticity played a pivotal role in shaping her musical identity.

She emphasized that her music was a genuine reflection of her inner self, intended for those who could relate to her experiences. Tems saw her music as a form of self-expression, describing it as an outlet for her emotions. She recounted her early days, mentioning how she started making music out of sheer necessity because of her lack of friends. She’d write her thoughts into songs and record them on her phone, a creative process she continued for years.

In essence, Tems’ music is not only a product of her unique individuality, but it’s also a powerful medium. Consequently, she channels her emotions and experiences, stemming from a period of solitude and a profound need for self-expression.

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