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Portable — Yungi Duu is still under Zeh Nation, I’m still getting my share of the song’s earnings.

Singer Portable is fuming at Carter Efe for attempting to exploit his former protege, Young Duu, in an effort to undermine his own music career.

He is insistent that he deserves a percentage of the proceeds from any songs that Young Duu and Efe collaborate on.

This controversial musician had previously parted ways with Young Duu, citing him as a financial burden to his record label. However, Young Duu has unexpectedly risen to fame since his departure, attracting the attention of various celebrities who are extending offers and gifts to him.

Furthermore, Carter Efe and Young Duu joined forces to release a song that has gained significant popularity on streaming platforms. In the midst of all this, Portable is lashing out at Carter Efe, accusing him of trying to sabotage his career by diverting the spotlight to Young Duu.

Portable firmly believes that Young Duu remains loyal to him, and he perceives his adversaries as trying to exploit this connection to their advantage.

For a more detailed expansion, we can delve into the reasons behind Portable’s frustration and the potential consequences of this ongoing feud.

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