“I can not marry a woman who dresses half n*ked” – Nigerian Comedian, Brain Jotter

In a recent interview, the social media influencer openly expressed his appreciation for women who proudly showcase their endorsements, dubbing it as ‘Priceless.’

Despite his admiration for such displays, he firmly asserted that he would never marry a woman who engages in such public flaunting, contending that, in his perspective, such individuals don’t align with the role of a homemaker.

He acknowledged that he finds joy in the spectacle but made it clear that he wouldn’t permit his wife or daughter to exhibit their assets online. His sentiments were captured in these words: “I can not marry a woman who publicly reveals her breasts and backside, but I do appreciate it when others do.”He emphasized the priceless nature of the human body, stating that no amount of money could quantify its value.

Despite his enjoyment of such displays, he refused to impose restrictions on women who choose to share these aspects of themselves publicly. He maintained control over his own family members, stating, “My wife or daughter will never go out partially exposed or engage in provocative behavior on social media because I have authority over them.

However, I understand that I cannot control the actions of women outside my family.”In essence, he acknowledged the freedom of individuals to express themselves as they choose but asserted his boundaries within his own household, drawing a clear distinction between personal preferences and familial expectations.

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