Lionel Messi expresses disapproval of Brazilian police brutality against Argentine fans

Lionel Messi expresses disapproval
Lionel messi

Lionel Messi expresses disapproval; Lionel Messi has expressed his concerns about the treatment of Argentine fans by the Brazilian police during the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifier.

The incident unfolded when Brazilian fans turned violent after Argentine fans booed the national anthem. The Brazilian police intervened but ended up using force against away fans, resulting in serious injuries.

Messi commented on the police’s actions, emphasizing the focus on controlling crowds rather than the game itself.Despite the chaos, Argentina won the match, but Messi acknowledged the overshadowing impact of the pre-match violence.

He praised his team’s historic achievements and highlighted the importance of the victory, especially after their recent loss to Uruguay.

Reflecting on the defeat to Uruguay, Messi demonstrated sportsmanship by accepting that his team had to face a loss eventually, Lionel Messi expresses disapproval.

He seemed unfazed by potential criticism for not providing answers to Uruguay’s goals, portraying a genuine commitment to fair play and acknowledging the unpredictability of the sport.

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