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Olamide has jacked many songs in his career, he jacked “Don’t stop” from me — Blackface Naija

songs in his career

songs in his career; Ahmedu Augustine Obiabo, widely recognized as Blackface Naija, has left an indelible mark on the Nigerian music scene as a versatile dancehall, ragga, reggae singer, and songwriter.

In a recent interview, Blackface voiced his concern about the prevalent issue of music plagiarism, asserting that many artists, including prominent figures, have allegedly appropriated his musical creations. Specifically, Blackface pointed out an instance where he believes Olamide, a well-known Nigerian artist, took inspiration from or replicated his work. According to Blackface, the song in question is titled “Don’t Stop.”

This allegation adds a layer of controversy to the dynamic landscape of the music industry, prompting discussions about intellectual property, artistic influence, and the delicate balance between inspiration and imitation, songs in his career.

As the narrative unfolds, it raises questions about the challenges artists face in protecting their creative output and the nuances involved in navigating a space where the lines between homage and theft can blur.

The interview serves as a platform for Blackface to voice his perspective on an issue that resonates with many artists striving to safeguard the integrity of their musical contributions in a competitive and ever-evolving industry.

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