Beyond the glitz and glamour of leadership – Prince Ezeabata Chibuzor

Prince Ezeabata Chibuzor a final year student of law who is currently the most influential student in the university, shared in his Facebook profile the other sides of his success.

Prince Ezeabata Chibuzor
Prince Ezeabata Chibuzor

Leadership is longly – Most of the time, it’s scary and risky. I have been lonely most of the time.Scrolling through the walls of Instagram, I stumbled on a soundbite from Apostle Joshua Selman which reverberate with me in a way that I thought to share this.

I arrived into campus with no pioneer aspiration but the ordinary – attend classes from the hostel to fellowship. However, things soon turn a different route when I became fueled by an idea which is today the Association of Creative Writers in University of Abuja, ACW-UA.

I had my first defining life experience in March 2019 when I lost a childhood friend, Malachy Udobi Ezechukwu.( Ezechukwu Machez ) and I shared dreams of becoming lawyers, having known each other since age seven.

We graduated from secondary school same year, and sat for JAMB three times, while we wait for the opportunity to read Law. We had a lot of things in common in skills, and dreams but the most perhaps is that we both got admitted into the University of Abuja to study law at the same time.Tragically, Malachy’s dreams were cut short by a fatal car accident one morning while commuting from Kubwa to Mini Campus Gwagwalada.

He lost his life on the spot, I grieved my friend even while I refuse to accept the reality. I finally did with a pain to my chest. His death left me with two enduring lessons. Lessons that has guide me hitherto. Empathy and forgiveness was the first. It thought me to be more forgiving and empathic in dealing with people.

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The second is an awareness that no one is too young to die. Therefore, if there is anything to do, it must be done now; while I am certain of the moment.[I shared the experience of my last days with Malachy in a post, which link I will share below]With the consciousness of the second lesson in mind, I pursued my idea with determination, founding ACW-UA, and further navigate my way through wit, and grace to being the most influential student of the University of Abuja in my time.

Beyond the glitz and glamour of leadership and influence, are pains, tears shed in the dark, and the constant sense of loneliness I feel most of the time.I was young (still young anyway) and inexperienced when I began to found ACW-UA. Starting out with ACW-UA came with fears I had to confront. A deep and anguishing storm of fright. That was my first challenge.

Prince Ezeabata Chibuzor

One night in my first year at exactly 11.00PM, I left my hostel and walked down to the Faculty of Law, fell on my knees under the tree and with my palms to the ground I began to pray. I prayed from exactly 12.00AM to an hour more. The words I repeatedly uttered are “Oh. Lord, grant me wisdom. Give me boldness and sound-mind in this University. I shall subdue all the powers of this University.

No power, no man shall stop me in this University, I stood up from the sand, wiped myself and walked into through the darkness back to the hostel.

In the four years following that prayer, I rose in extraordinary ways, driven by excellence to become one of the most influential and impactful student who traversed through the walls of the University of Abuja. But again, greatness is a lonely and painful journey.

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All through, putting up strong, fighting for others, showing up, smiling, sharing love and affection to my love interests and walking with my chin up.To many people, I am an Icon, a role-model, a leader and an inspiration for excellence, but behind the scenes of my perceived success are struggles that I seldom share. I am as human as anyone else.

What many do not know is that the first battle I fought was subduing an overwhelming frightened spirit. What many do not know is that days and night before the ICPC Inter-Tericiary Debate, I had to surmount anxiety and the fear of stuttering, because many do not also know that I never participated in LAWSAN debates because of the fear of stutter leadership.

Many will also not know that, I have failed in many projects. Many projects I began never saw the light of full expression, but the ones that finally did kinda made-up for the ones that didn’t. leadership There are many experiences I had on the road to my rising in University of Abuja and beyond I may not be able to fully share.

Like Apostle Joshua Selman would say “behind every great man are scars and tears“.Does this answer why I find solace in children like he said? Well…I do not know.I have tasted the aggrandizement of success, status and honour, of fame and influence, of power and opportunity. All but, just a glimpse.

I have experience the privileges that comes with leadership . The respect and honour that comes with success, the reverence that comes with excellence and grace, and the opportunities that comes with access.I have witnessed in many ways, where with the mention of my name and identifying with me, individuals are honoured; with my presence I am granted privileges I probably wouldn’t have gotten if it weren’t for influence; honour, respect and the admiration of men and women who would comfortably give birth to my mate, and some who comfortably have my mate as a very younger sibling.

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