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Controversy arises over 9,000 federal civil servants failing promotion exams

Nigerians were surprised by the news that over 9,000 civil servants failed the 2022 Federal Civil Service Commission’s promotion exams. Out of approximately 13,000 participants, only around 4,000 passed.

The issue has sparked debates on the competence and qualification of civil servants, with some attributing the problem to the recruitment process that prioritizes connections over merit. Critics argue that the civil service, once highly esteemed, now faces a decline in standards due to factors like corruption and a flawed quota system in recruitment.

Calls for urgent training and retraining of civil servants and an overhaul of the system have been emphasized. While some believe the poor performance may be linked to limited vacancies rather than widespread incompetence, others see it as an opportunity for the government to prioritize competence in recruitment.

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