Catholic Church will not yield to the dictatorship of secularism – Archbishop Kaigama

Amid challenging times, the Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, Most Rev. Ignatius Kaigama, urges Nigerians to remain steadfast in their faith. In his Christmas message, Archbishop Kaigama emphasizes the Church’s commitment to resist the “dictatorship of modern secularism.”

He calls for unity and resilience in the face of economic hardships, insecurity, and growing despair. The Archbishop addresses concerns about the Catholic Church’s stance on same-sex blessings, affirming that the teachings on marriage remain unchanged. He emphasizes the importance of collective strength to overcome challenges and encourages acts of kindness to bring hope to the nation.

Kaigama calls for optimism and determination in facing the upcoming year’s trials. His message serves as a beacon of hope for Nigerians confronting economic, security, and social difficulties.

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