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Universities are not meant for generating Internal Revenue (IGR) – Igwe, UNN VC

Igwe, UNN VC

generating Internal Revenue; The Vice Chancellor of the University of Nigeria Nsukka, Prof Charles Igwe, emphasized that universities should focus on pure academic pursuits, not generating funds for operations. He stated that the primary funding sources for universities should come from endowments, grants, and other external sources, rather than relying on internally generated revenue (IGR).

Prof Igwe spoke against the financial pressures on public tertiary institutions to generate IGR. He highlighted that universities are universal businesses with a core focus on teaching, research, and knowledge impact, not on engaging in commercial activities like selling goods.

Addressing questions from journalists during a project tour, Igwe mentioned that President Bola Tinubu advocated for student loans to relieve universities from financial burdens and enable them to fulfill their mandates without encumbering students and institutions.

Universities are not meant for generating Internal Revenue (IGR)

Regarding fees, he noted challenges in adjusting fees due to student protests but expressed hope in the potential benefits of President Tinubu’s proposal for student loans.

In terms of university funding, Prof Igwe highlighted the insufficient monthly overhead from the federal government and the challenges of managing essential expenses with limited resources, including hostel fees and utility bills.

He also disclosed that his administration successfully completed 73 out of 104 inherited projects, with the remaining 31 projects in progress.

We have accomplished various projects, including the renovation of staff quarters, the cultural center of the Institute of African Studies, and the construction of faculties like Medicine and Dentistry at ItukuOzalla. Additionally, we completed Blocks A, B, and C at ItukuOzalla, equipped the Central Laboratory at Nsukka campus, and finalized the Department of Archeology building at Nsukka Campus. Other achievements involve the rehabilitation of the Old Library building at Nsukka campus.

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Under my administration, we initiated a total of 257 projects, with 149 already completed and the remaining 108 at various stages of completion. Notable completions include the re-roofing of the Faculty of Arts building, blocks A and B, the Medical Centre at Nsukka campus, rehabilitation of the College of Postgraduate Studies building, remodeling of the CEDR building, and hostel renovation at UNEC.



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