Genevieve Nnaji distances herself from me and others – Kate Henshaw (Video)

Nollywood veteran Kate Henshaw recently discussed her relationship with fellow actress Genevieve Nnaji in an interview. When asked about the state of their long-standing friendship, Kate acknowledged having minor disagreements with Genevieve in the past. She expressed a concern about Genevieve’s inclination to distance herself not only from her but also from their colleagues.

In her concluding remarks, Kate conveyed her respect for Genevieve and her choices, drawing a parallel by likening her to the renowned American actress Angelina Jolie.

Kate shared, “We’ve had our disagreements, but they were not major. I’ve cared for her, but there are times when she distances herself, withdraws from everyone, and you start questioning, ‘Am I doing something wrong? What’s happening?’

“Then, we crossed paths to shoot a commercial. Before that, we hadn’t seen or spoken for years. Surprisingly, she was really pleasant to me. She left the set before us and took a moment to say, ‘Kate, I’ve left; just wanted to bid goodbye.’ Despite her tendency to pull away, I respect her. I see her as akin to Angelina Jolie. She simply prefers to be on her own.”

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