Runner from Lagos to Abuja: Attacked by ritualists in Ogun, encountered a ghost before Lokoja

  Lagos to Abuja

Runner from Lagos to Abuja: Attacked by ritualists in Ogun, encountered a ghost before Lokoja

Lagos to Abuja; Adjarhor Obaro, known as World Wrapper Man, may not fit the mold of a typical personality, but his intriguing interests add an air of mystery to his character. The peculiarity of his “calling” raises questions about what drives him. From his unique cultural attire to his experiences and hobbies, the ultra-runner, originally from Delta State, captures your imagination.

His amiable nature leaves you pondering why he chose a life of adventures with its inherent risks. Obaro’s fondness for the extraordinary has led him to run across hamlets, villages, towns, and cities in Nigeria and Europe multiple times. Notably, in 2015, he spent 22 days running from Lagos to Abuja. His other feats include Lagos to Makurdi (900km, 40 days), Lagos to Onitsha (650km, 17 days), Lagos to Ughelli (506km, 12 days), and Abeokuta to Lagos (102km, three days). As you discover he has more awe-inspiring races in the pipeline, his story becomes even more captivating. Obaro, who also aspires to establish the world’s largest food library, shares insights into his remarkable exploits in this conversation.

Adjarhor Obaro, also known as World Wrapper Man, stands as an enigmatic figure, not defined by the ordinary. Hailing from Agbaroto in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State, born on November 9, 1969, Obaro’s unique pursuits and experiences set him apart. Growing up in Benin, he attended primary school there and later honed his skills at Government College Ughelli, where his journey into running began in the cadet unit in 1985.

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Beyond being an ultra runner, Obaro is a photo artist, chef, adventurer, and humanitarian. Rooted in his Fine and Applied Arts background, he enjoys playing with space, expressing his creativity by filling empty spaces. During his time at Government College, Ughelli, the cultural practice of wearing wrappers became a norm, instilling a cultural connection.

Obaro’s life takes an extraordinary turn, starting with his remarkable survival from a medical condition that made his existence improbable. Ordained as a missionary in the Redeemed Christian Church, he embarked on humanitarian work in Europe.

Initially discouraged, Obaro planned to run from Europe to Nigeria, but later completed a 22-day journey from Lagos to Abuja.

Obaro ran from Abeokuta to Lagos, Lagos to Onitsha, and Abeokuta to Lagos, promoting culture and addressing issues.

Reflecting on his ultra marathon experiences, Obaro shares encounters with accidents, attacks, and even a sighting of a ghost.

Obaro, unrecognized locally, believes his efforts will pave the way for future industry growth and eventual acknowledgment of his work.

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