George R.R. Martin is currently developing three animated spinoffs set in the ‘Game of Thrones’ universe

Despite the vast array of content available, George R.R. Martin is undeterred and is expanding the wealth of material. In a recent blog post, the author of “Game of Thrones” revealed his involvement in the development of three animated projects within the immensely popular franchise. Martin expressed his appreciation for the current television landscape, acknowledging the challenges of keeping up with the multitude of shows in the streaming age. He conveyed the joy of discovering new, captivating shows that leave a lasting impact on viewers.

In a recent blog post, George R.R. Martin highlighted Netflix’s animated series “Blue Eye Samurai” as an example of an impressive show and segued into the revelation of his involvement in three animated projects set in the world of “A Song of Ice & Fire.” Although none of these projects have received the green light, Martin indicated progress toward the next steps for a couple of them. He mentioned that during the initial development phase, four animated show ideas were explored, but two were eventually shelved.

Martin specified that the previously announced live-action prequel “Nine Voyages,” linked to “House of the Dragon,” will now be adapted into an animated format. This animated series will narrate the story of the Sea Snake Corlys Velaryon, portrayed by Steve Toussaint in “House of the Dragon.”

The decision to opt for animation was influenced by budgetary considerations, with the extensive sea-based scenes and diverse locations making a live-action version financially challenging. Martin expressed confidence in the ability of animation to effectively depict the expansive world of the story, citing three animated projects currently in progress.

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While Martin remains optimistic about the projects, he acknowledged the uncertainties in Hollywood, emphasizing that nothing is guaranteed. However, one certainty is the upcoming second season of “House of the Dragon,” scheduled to premiere in the summer. HBO, the network behind “House of the Dragon,” is owned by CNN’s parent company.

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