Journalist exposes the cost incurred in obtaining a fraudulent diploma from Benin Republic

A Nigerian investigative journalist, Umar Audu, has disclosed that he expended approximately N600,000 to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree within a span of two months from an institution in Benin Republic. Audu, affiliated with a Nigerian newspaper, revealed these details in an interview with Channels Television on Wednesday. He exposed a counterfeit certificate operation at Ecole Supérieure de Gestion et de Technologies (ESGT) in Cotonou, questioning how the obtained certificate managed to elude detection by Nigerian authorities.

When questioned about the expenses incurred for obtaining the fraudulent certificate, Umar revealed, “I spent around N600,000. I didn’t personally cross the border; instead, I enlisted the assistance of an immigration officer who facilitated the acquisition of an ECOWAS passport and a retroactive stamp from Nigerian Immigration and Benin, costing me N150,000.”

In response, on Tuesday, the Federal Government halted the assessment and accreditation process for degree certificates from the Republic of Benin and Togo. Additionally, the Nigerian government took a step further by imposing a ban on 18 foreign universities.

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