Davido declares ‘The Delborough’ as the top hotel in Lagos

Renowned artist David Adeleke, professionally known as Davido, has joined global industry and political leaders at the recent grand opening of The Delborough in Lagos, Nigeria. He praised the luxury facility as the best hotel in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole. The well-traveled singer, comparing ‘The Delborough’ to top hotels in Paris, Dubai, the United States, and elsewhere, expressed pride in having such a place in Nigeria. In an interview at The Delborough in Lagos, Davido emphasized the importance of infusing Nigerian culture wherever he goes during his global travels.

Davido highlighted customer service as the primary strength of @thedelborough, underscoring that the “customer service is exceptional.” Further praising the hotel, the songwriter remarked that globally, @thedelborough maintains a top-notch standard, describing it as A1. He revealed plans for his friends to visit, expressing his intention to recommend @thedelborough for their stay.

“I take pride in showcasing that in Nigeria, we’re achieving great things, possessing the best—whether it’s cars, boats, or houses, we have it all in Nigeria. When I host my artist friends in Lagos, @thedelborough is a place I want to introduce them to, assuring them they’ll experience a vibe akin to W Hotel in New York or Peninsula in Paris.

“I feel truly at home. The comfort is unparalleled—I practically sleep and wake up at 5 pm every day. The Delborough Lagos sets an A1 standard. Beyond its design and pristine environment, what stands out the most is the outstanding customer service. It’s the hotel’s major strength. The treatment of customers is commendable; the staff is respectful and diligent.

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“The bar, restaurant, and drinks are all amazing. Even my daughter enjoyed her meal when she was here yesterday. The Delborough isn’t just for individuals; you can bring your family. It’s unequivocally the best hotel in Lagos.”

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