How the undercover journalist Audu infiltrated the system and managed to be mobilized twice – NYSC

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has clarified the method by which an undercover journalist, Umar Audu, managed to breach its system and secure mobilization for the program in 2019. NYSC spokesperson Eddy Megwa stated that Audu exploited the system by utilizing various phone numbers. Megwa’s clarification follows Umar’s account of obtaining a four-year degree in just two months and subsequently being mobilized for the NYSC scheme.

Nevertheless, during an appearance on Channels TV’s Sunrise Daily, Megwa stated that the NYSC is actively taking measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

According to Megwa, “It’s not that we lack checks and balances to identify potential system breaches. When the undercover reporter initially submitted his information, the system rejected him due to his prior service in the scheme. However, he later altered his email address and phone number, enabling the system to accept him. Initially posted to Osun State, he manipulated the information for a specific purpose. We are addressing the situation to ensure it doesn’t recur. We don’t maintain a database of graduates for the scheme; instead, we rely on lists provided by university senates, indicating the number of expected graduates.”

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