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A Lady who initially complained about the heat in her boyfriend’s Benz now appreciates him for installing a fan inside (Watch Video)

A Nigerian lady expressed gratitude to her boyfriend for installing a fan in his car after she complained about the heat. Identified as @tobi_lobad, she shared that her thoughtful man took immediate action to address her discomfort. She emphasized the importance of dating an intentional man.

The video quickly gained attention, with online users expressing a mix of surprise and admiration. Many questioned the absence of air conditioning in the Benz, while others commended the boyfriend’s considerate gesture.

The unconventional display of affection sparked a lively discussion among social media users.

Success Emperor commented: “Is there no AC in the Benz?”

@_Calcuta questioned: “Mercedes has automatic AC, why install a fan?”

Rosey_hrt humorously commented: “Is that a Benz or Ben?”

@victor inquired: “Did the AC break?”

@sparkledee advised: “Don’t underestimate your man; don’t want to accidentally encounter him.”

@jolaoluwa remarked: “So, this is love.”

@ryaaa exclaimed: “Omg, romance.”

WallyE$co jokingly said: “You guys are amusing.”

@faith kabwe reacted: “A Benz without AC?”

@tasha wondered: “What kind of Benz is this?”


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