Terry G criticizes fellow artists for neglecting him (Watch Video)

Renowned Nigerian singer, Gabriel Oche Amanyi, professionally known as Terry G, has used social media to express his disappointment with fellow artists for neglecting him during a challenging period. Through several posts on his official Instagram page, Terry G conveyed his sadness at the lack of response from his colleagues despite his attempts to reach out to them. He also pointedly reminded them of his past support when they sought help from him.

He expressed, “You reach out to your fellow artist, and there’s no response. When everyone needed hits, they came to me. We don’t have to wait until someone passes away to acknowledge and celebrate them. Each of us contributes to the global music library of sounds. Just so you know, I’m back. Thank you for your patience.”

In a widely circulated video, the singer further addressed the situation, saying, “This isn’t fair, I want you all to remember that you came to me, and I gave you hits. Now, I’m reaching out to you, and you don’t want to respond. Must it be until I’m no more?”

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