Youths in Borno are resorting to consuming fermented urine and lizard dung as a means to get high – NDLEA

The NDLEA reports that young individuals in Borno State are turning to the consumption of fermented human urine, preserved for over 10 days, as a substitute for illicit substances. Iliyasu Mani, the Commander of Narcotics for NDLEA in Borno State, disclosed this information in a statement issued in Maiduguri.

Mani emphasized that the youths frequently engage in the misuse of psychoactive substances, highlighting their consumption of unconventional items like lizard dung, camel urine, Lipton soaked in gin, and a mixture of mentholated spirits with soft drinks. He added that, in their pursuit of intoxication, these individuals also resort to inhaling toilet fumes and gutter dirt.

Mani stated, “I want to emphasize that the prevalent abuse of new psychoactive substances encompasses substances such as Cannabis Sativa, skunk, cough syrup containing codeine, Ice, Tramadol, Rohypnol, Diazepam, Pentazocine, rubber solution, glue, gutter dirt, toilet fumes, and lizard dung.”

He continued, “Additional substances in this concerning trend include Lipton soaked in gin, camel urine, Mentholated spirit mixed with soft drinks, 10-day-old human urine, and more.”

Mani acknowledged the relentless efforts of the NDLEA Command under his leadership in combating drug abuse. However, he expressed concern about the escalating challenge, particularly with the increasing involvement of young teenagers, especially women, in the abuse of these new psychoactive substances.

“Despite these challenges, it is crucial to maintain hope, as the agency has intensified its focus on prevention strategies. This includes the establishment of a revamped counseling and rehabilitation center within the premises of the Borno State Command,” added the NDLEA commander.

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Mani further stated that his Command has set up drop-in centers in all tertiary institutions, serving as research hubs on drug abuse for the benefit of all.

He reported that, during his tenure, the Command has successfully seized 4.5 tonnes of illicit substances and apprehended 863 suspects. Among those detained, 53 have been convicted, while 736 are currently undergoing counseling.

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