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Nigerian man sternly warns his younger sister for associating with a married man (Watch Video)

A Nigerian man expresses his displeasure as he sternly cautions his 20-year-old younger sister for engaging in conversations and entertaining a married man. He shares a video on his Instagram page, expressing anger that his sister allowed the interaction to progress to this extent. The young lady acknowledges that the married man had previously expressed interest in her about two months ago, but she rejected his advances.

Despite her explanation, the brother maintains his anger, expressing dissatisfaction that his sister continued talking to the married man using a sweet tone instead of blocking him. He emphasizes the potential discomfort she might feel in the future if another woman speaks to her husband in a similar manner. The brother views married men as potential troublemakers, foreseeing negative consequences if the association persists. Concluding the video, he vows to take action, threatening to break her SIM card if he discovers she continues the relationship with the married man.


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