ZicSaloma explains the reason behind leaving teaching for creating comedy skits

Isaac Aloma, popularly known as ZicSaloma, disclosed that he was formerly a lecturer at Kaduna Polytechnic. However, he decided to leave the profession and concentrate on creating comedy skits due to the inadequate salary he was receiving. In a recent podcast interview with actress Iyabo Ojo, Aloma emphasized his determination to succeed, highlighting that he began his master’s program while completing his youth service. He shared that he served at Kadpoly and was subsequently retained as a lecturer.

The skit maker, recalling his time as a lecturer, mentioned that he simultaneously auditioned for singing competitions, including an edition of The Voice Nigeria. He described his entry into skit-making as unplanned, stating that he struggled with it for three years before gaining popularity.

Aloma explained, “I started making skits unplanned. Initially, I wasn’t serious about it, but it began gaining traction. Initially posted on Facebook, and my friends encouraged me to continue. I kept at it for about three years, with a small but dedicated fan base. It was during the lockdown when I joined TikTok that my content started gaining organic traction.”

He recounted informing his boss about quitting his lecturing job during the lockdown, and despite skepticism, he decided to leave. Aloma humorously mentioned, “I’m done with lecturing. How much is the lecturer’s salary? [laughs]” He acknowledged that he hadn’t achieved success in skit-making at the time of leaving lecturing.

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