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Soldier arrested for criticizing Sanwo-Olu in viral video regarding colleague’s arrest

The Nigerian soldier featured in a widely circulated video expressing dissent against Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s decision to arrest a fellow soldier for driving against traffic has been apprehended.

In the viral video from last week, Sanwo-Olu was observed instructing his security team to pursue motorcyclists reportedly violating the state’s traffic regulations. A particular motorcyclist, later revealed to be a soldier, informed the governor of his military status as security personnel attempted to take him into custody.

Provoked by the soldier’s statement, Sanwo-Olu responded, saying, “You are telling me you are a soldier; that is more reason I am going to lock you up.”

Following the subsequent arrest, a video surfaced online featuring a soldier hurling insults at the governor.

However, addressing reporters on Tuesday, Chief of Army Staff Taoreed Lagbaja stated that the soldier had been detained.

“In response to the allegation that soldiers have taken to social media to criticize the office of Lagos State Governor, I can confirm that it’s only one soldier who has done that. The army has conducted an investigation; the soldier has been apprehended, and we are conducting further inquiries. Any other humorous acts you may have witnessed do not involve personnel of the Nigerian Army. We have looked into that,” he stated.

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