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Korra Obidi Raises Concerns Over the Disappearance of Her Daughter, June

Renowned Nigerian dancer based in the United States, Korra Obidi, has expressed distress, revealing that her daughter, June, is currently missing. In a Facebook live video shared on her official page on Friday, Korra claimed that her daughter disappeared from school. As she raised the alarm about June’s disappearance, she pointed fingers at her estranged husband, Justin Dean, identifying him as the primary suspect.

She explained, “I went to pick June up from school, and she was not there. According to the teacher, someone came to take June at 1:00, while school closes at 2 pm. Right now, June is not with me; she’s missing. I am well aware of who abducted June from her new school. It’s a completely new school for her, and she barely completed her second day there.

“When I enrolled her in the new school, I consciously avoided bringing the complications of our divorce to the school. So, I listed both parents’ names during registration, allowing him the opportunity to go to the school and take her away.”

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