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Funke Akindele emphasizes that she doesn’t perceive her divorces from her ex-husbands as failures

In an interview with Wazobia FM, Lagos, Nollywood actress and filmmaker Funke Akindele shared that she does not consider her two unsuccessful marriages as “failures.” She elaborated that her mother instilled in her the belief that success often comes hand-in-hand with setbacks. Akindele added that she approaches marriage with a flexible mindset, prioritizing her mental well-being and career over any societal notions of success or failure in marital relationships.

The actress emphasized that her main focus is to lead a meaningful life and provide for her children and siblings.

“When you ask me if I can identify a failure in my life, I don’t view it as a failure. In my personal life, particularly in marriage, I take things as they come. My mental well-being holds significant importance. My career is also a priority, dear.

I am committed to making a positive impact, empowering others, and inspiring the younger generation. I need to stay resilient for my children and siblings. I have a purpose in life, and that keeps my spirits high. Yes, I may cry, and yes, I may face challenges, but after shedding those tears, I look at myself in the mirror and affirm, ‘keep moving forward,'” she expressed.

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