Ibadan explosion: Actress Aisha Lawal shares her harrowing brush with death

Renowned Nollywood actress Aisha Lawal has shared the details of her close encounter with death following her narrow escape from the Ibadan explosion on Tuesday night.

As reported by HYPEBLOG9JA MEDIA, a significant explosion took place in Ibadan on Tuesday night, specifically at Dejo Oyelese Close in Bodija Housing Estate.

Recounting the incident on social media, the actress revealed that she was present in Bodija during the explosion, and the resounding impact of the incident still echoes in her ears.

Aisha Lawal provided details of her experience, explaining that she had initially parked her car near an estate to purchase suya. However, fortunately, she decided to move her vehicle to a different location just moments before the explosion occurred.

“Alhamdulilah for today, I was at Bodija when the explosion took place, in fact, my ears are still ringing from the effect.

Thank God for our lives. I parked to buy suya opposite that Estate but later I moved my car from Sloggers Club to the Metro Hotel on the same Osuntokun when it happened.

God have mercy oo. Too many dead bodies. What exactly is going on?”

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