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Residents attribute the Ibadan explosion to a Malian individual

The Ibadan explosion on Tuesday is linked to a Malian involved in illegal mining activities in certain areas of Oyo State, as reported by HYPEBLOG9JA MEDIA. Residents on the street where the incident took place informed HYPEBLOG9JA MEDIA on Wednesday that the individual from Mali occupied the building where the explosion occurred. HYPEBLOG9JA MEDIA had earlier covered the explosion at Dejo Oyelese Close, Bodija Housing Estate in Ibadan on Tuesday.

The Ibadan explosion resulted in the confirmed deaths of two individuals, injuries to several others, and the destruction of property worth millions of naira.

According to an octogenarian who spoke with HYPEBLOG9JA MEDIA on Tuesday evening, the Malian involved had been residing in the house for several years. The octogenarian mentioned that the individual from Mali was known for illegal mining activities, and his family evacuated before the incident.

“He is from Mali. But I don’t know that he was keeping such explosives in the house. We know him to be a Malian. Everyone knows that he is doing illegal mining. He and his family members left before the incident. He saw that the thing was on flames, so he took his children and wife out, and he ran away,” the octogenarian stated.

Another long-term resident in the area, in his 60s, expressed reluctance among people to speak due to fear of reprisals. He noted that Malians had purchased a significant number of houses in the area and attributed this to the residents’ complacency.

A third resident revealed that the Malian had previously faced a petition from fellow tenants at his former residence, leading him to relocate to the current location after bringing all relevant documents with him. The explosion destroyed these documents.

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