Singer Tems reveals she faced bullying in her childhood due to her voice

Grammy-winning Nigerian singer, Tems, has shared her experience of being bullied due to the pitch of her voice. In an interview with The Cut, she revealed that she did not speak until the age of three and grew up feeling self-conscious because her voice differed from that of other girls.

“I faced relentless bullying to the extent of tears and became a subject of mockery. The perception was that I sounded like a boy or a frog, leading to the belief that my voice was unattractive.

“I often found solace in my own world. When I attempted to make friends, I would ask them to sing my songs, and other girls with sweeter, higher voices made me feel like my voice had a bass.”

It’s worth noting that the songstress had previously mentioned that she ventured into making music because she lacked friends.

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