Nigerian men as the best globally – Toke Makinwa

In the most recent episode of her podcast, TokeMoments, Nollywood actress and media personality Toke Makinwa asserted that Nigerian men are “the best in the world.” Despite her criticisms of Lagos boys, she expressed the opinion that Nigerian men, particularly in the global context, outshine their counterparts, specifically in the United Kingdom.

Toke Makinwa expressed her bewilderment at the dating experiences of UK girls, particularly her cousins, stating, “What UK girls are going through, I don’t understand. All my cousins in the UK when they tell me their dating stories, it is bad.”

Her guest, Madame Joyce, a British media personality, concurred, adding, “Honestly, it is really bad. And I feel like because we are so used to it, that is just the expectation. In Nigeria here, somebody opened the car door for me, I was like, ‘Wow!’ UK boys barely do that. Chivalry in London is so dead. The guys don’t have much shame. There are still conversations about splitting the bills. It happened to me once.”

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