The bill for the New Enugu City Management Agency passes the second reading

On Thursday, the bill for the New Enugu City Management Agency successfully advanced through the second reading in the State House of Assembly. The proposed legislation aims to alleviate congestion in the Enugu metropolis. Mr. Chima Obieze, the representative for Ezeagu Constituency, commended the commendable concept of establishing a new Enugu city, emphasizing its potential to reduce the population density in the urban area.

Obieze expressed optimism that the creation of the new city would provide opportunities for civil servants and other workers in the state to purchase land and construct homes. He urged the state government to ensure inclusivity by making provisions for the poor and middle class, cautioning against developing the city exclusively for the wealthy.

Addressing Gov. Peter Mbah, he advocated for the construction of an affordable housing estate accessible to residents, emphasizing the right of the state’s less privileged to live in comfortable homes.

Lebechi Eze, representing Isi-uzo Constituency, supported the agency’s role in managing the new city and commended Gov. Mbah for extending development efforts to other parts of the state. Eze stressed the importance of proper planning to avoid the challenges experienced in the current metropolis, and he urged the agency to incorporate recreational facilities in the new city.

The Minority Leader, Mr Iloabuchi Aniagu, disclosed that the state government intends to designate the new city strictly as a residential area, equipped with facilities to enhance the living conditions of its residents.

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