A Nigerian woman expresses astonishment after discovering ‘Jollof rice’ inside a ₦50 meat pie purchased in a Lagos park [Watch Video]

A Nigerian woman has ignited a conversation on social media by sharing a video of a ₦50 meat pie she bought in Lagos, which unexpectedly contains Jollof rice.

In the video titled ‘You bought a meat pie for 50 naira at Lagos park,’ the lady proudly showcases the meat pie and proceeds to open it, revealing the surprising inclusion of Jollof rice inside.

The unanticipated combination of Jollof rice within the meat pie has led to various reactions and discussions in the comments section of the post.

Here are some reactions:

Anyssah: “The fact that it looks so good on the outside… how person wan know.”

Goddess_angel: “Am I the only one that is scared to buy meat pie for 200? The day a man told me his meat pie is 100 naira, I refused to buy. Let me see only potato inside.”

Dat_gal_Destee: “You even see rice; the day I bought the one for 200 naira, it had onions inside.”

Evamarcel-wealth: “If it’s in Enugu, you’ll find beans inside. Beans pie. If you eat it, you’ll drink water to your satisfaction.”

Felany199: “I will never forget the day I bought a meat pie for 200 naira, and what I saw inside was stockfish. Fear Igbo women.”

jennybrain: “Me to some customers soon. I will put bitter leaf so they will have more blood to be pricing anyhow.”

abbydavids15: “Jellofpie, but you too, you didn’t fear when you were buying a 50 naira meat pie.”

Jester: “Even with the rice, it can’t be 50 naira. Do you know the price of a bag of rice?”

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Aisha Adetunji: “If I buy a meat pie and there is rice inside, blood must flow!”



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