Why people think I’m older than my age – Seyi Vibez

In a recent interview on Apple Music’s Africa Now Radio, Seyi Balogun, popularly known as Seyi Vibez, disclosed the reason why many perceive him to be older than his actual age of 23. The singer explained that people think he is older because of the responsibilities and accomplishments he has undertaken at his age, stating, “I just have to keep pushing and working, so my inspiration never dies.”

“I continue to record not because I have a desire to do so, but because I’m not a fan of talking to people too much. This has been a trait of mine since I was young. I express whatever is on my mind through my music because that is the only way I can communicate effectively with people. I have a multitude of songs, more than what has been released,” Seyi Vibez explained during the interview.

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