Real reason for high rate of divorce in entertainment industry – Actor Nedu

Nollywood actor and media personality, Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, popularly known as Nedu, has expressed his views on the prevalent issue of divorce within the Nigerian entertainment industry.

The comedian highlighted that the absence of peace in celebrity marriages stands out as the primary factor contributing to the frequent breakdown of such unions. Nedu asserted that mental well-being is a legitimate justification for divorce, emphasizing that if marriage poses a threat to one’s happiness, opting for divorce becomes a reasonable choice.

He criticized the notion that individuals should endure difficult marriages as their “crosses,” emphasizing the importance of preserving one’s mental well-being.

During a recent interview with Hip TV, Nedu expressed his perspective on divorce, advocating for the choice to end a marriage that does not bring peace. He rejected the idea that people should bear the burden of an unhappy marriage, stating, “I can’t come and go and kill myself.” Nedu emphasized the significance of protecting one’s sanity, highlighting that if a marriage does not provide peace of mind, it is not worth maintaining.

Nedu further encouraged individuals to evaluate the reasons for staying in a marriage, suggesting that if joy is absent, reconsideration is essential. He recalled his own separation from his estranged wife, Uzoamaka, in 2018, citing paternity fraud as a contributing factor.

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