We impeached Oluomo because he was denying us money – Ogun lawmakers

Additional details have surfaced regarding the circumstances surrounding the impeachment of the Speaker of the Ogun State House of Assembly, Hon. Kunle Oluomo. As reported by HYPEBLOG9JA MEDIA, Oluomo was ousted from his position on Tuesday, and Hon. Oludaisi Elemide was subsequently appointed as the new Speaker.

The impeachment came amid a backdrop of accusations against Oluomo, spanning from financial fraud to inadequate leadership of the state Assembly.

Providing further insight into the situation, Hon. Soneye Damilola Kayode, who represents Obafemi Owode Constituency, revealed that the impeached Speaker, Hon. Kunle Oluomo, deceived members by falsely claiming that the governor, Dapo Abiodun, was not providing funds to the House.

According to Kayode, it was later discovered that Oluomo had been receiving money from the governor but failed to inform the members, instead allegedly embezzling the funds intended for the lawmakers. Kayode also accused Oluomo of sowing discord among members.

“We never wanted him, but the leadership of the party thought he was a former Speaker, so we should allow him to continue as a Speaker. We all agreed as faithful party persons. Now the situation is: Oluomo will go everywhere; he will come to us as members and tell us the governor has not approved for us any money, the governor has not given us any money, and that we should manage.

“We keep managing. We later found out that the governor had been giving us money. He takes a memo to the governor, the governor gives him money, and he comes back to tell us he did not give him any money.

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“Let me give you a good example of this: the quarters allowance. When we came back, the governor gave us money for renovation. Oluomo took the remaining one and embezzled it.

“Now, 18 of us came together and said we cannot be the same. How can we manage our future? He keeps inciting members against each other. This is so bad we cannot take it any more.

“We have now changed the leadership of the House. The House is now under the leadership of Hon Elemide and we remain the same. He (Oluomo) should go and clear his name with the EFCC.”

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