Why I want to be white woman in my next life – Destiny Etiko

Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko recently expressed a desire to be a white woman in her next life. She made this revelation in response to a video shared by Instagram blogger Tunde Ednut, featuring two Caucasian women discussing their financial independence. The women emphasized their self-reliance for “luxury expenses” such as hair and nails and expressed a preference for simple dates centered around personality rather than extravagant outings.

In response to the video, Destiny Etiko shared her perspective, expressing a desire to be a white woman in her next life. The actress clarified that, as a black Nigerian woman, she doesn’t anticipate favors from men but appreciates them when they occur. Etiko emphasized her dislike for receiving negative responses when making requests, and as a result, she prefers to work diligently to achieve her goals. She conveyed her commitment to earning her money and asserted her preference for self-reliance. Etiko stated, “In my next life, I will be a white girl. Cos even as a Nigerian babe, I don’t expect anything from anyone but if it happens, then it’s fine.”

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