Ayra Starr apologises for disrespecting King Sunny Ade at an event [VIDEO]

Ayra Starr, a promising Nigerian singer, has publicly apologized to the legendary musician King Sunny Ade for an incident where she displayed disrespect towards him at an event.

Following the incident, Nigerians criticized Ayra Starr on social media for her disrespectful behavior towards both King Sunny Ade and Burna Boy’s mother.

In a widely circulated video online, Ayra Starr was seen ignoring Burna Boy’s mother when greeting a woman seated beside her, but she then proceeded to greet King Sunny Ade by shaking his hand.

In response to the criticism from internet users, the songstress issued a public apology on her official social media account on Saturday morning, where she provided an explanation for her actions.

“I deeply apologize for the misunderstanding. When I first entered, the bright lights and nervousness prevented me from properly seeing, but I returned to greet everyone as I should have. Disrespecting others is not in my character; I come from a respectful Yoruba background. Additionally, it’s important to note that the video only began after I had already greeted Burna’s mom. I extend my sincere apologies to the legendary Uncle King Sunny Ade for any offense caused.”


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