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Why I support living together before marriage – Simi

Nigerian songstress Simi Kosoko, commonly known as Simi, has expressed her endorsement for couples intending to live together before marriage.

She elaborated that cohabitation provides an opportunity for an intending couple to deepen their understanding of each other before making the decision to tie the knot.

During a recent episode of the Tea With Tay podcast, Simi disclosed that she and her husband, Adekunle Gold, were living together before they officially exchanged vows.

She remarked, “I used to visit Adekunle Gold’s place to spend time together.

“I know some religious individuals might not agree with me, but personally, I believe that couples planning to marry should consider living together for a period before tying the knot. It’s because I think you don’t truly understand someone until you’ve lived with them. The way someone behaves in public, on their best behavior, is different from their real self when they’re hungry, cranky, or just waking up in the morning, or even snoring.

“Living with someone reveals all facets of their personality, and that’s when you truly assess if you can commit to forever with them. Many people have married without living together, but I think it’s beneficial to cohabit before marriage. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy period.”

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