‘You only seek justice for the dead’ – Portable tells Nigerians days after being beaten

Portable cries out

Portable, a controversial singer, has asserted that Nigerians only demand justice for the deceased. He made this statement from his hospital bed on Friday, following an assault he suffered after failing to perform at a paid show. According to HYPEBLOG9JA MEDIA, Portable had earlier voiced his distress on social media on Monday morning, alleging that he was assaulted by Esquare, an American-based singer, and his associates.

However, Portable took to his Instagram page on Friday to share videos and photos from the hospital, where he questioned whether Nigerians only fight for justice for the deceased, highlighting that nobody is advocating for him. Speaking in pidgin English, he expressed, “I’m in so much pain right now, I just need your prayers, I don’t want to die young. Nobody is fighting for me, but I have God. Truth always stands by my side. If God is truly God, I will not be defeated. Since I was attacked by those individuals, I’ve been in constant pain. Is justice only sought for the dead? There is evidence, but it seems like nobody wants to acknowledge it.”

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