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“How I met my boyfriend vs how it is going” – Lady shares transformation

A young Nigerian woman shares the evolution of her relationship with her boyfriend, who has been by her side since the beginning.

A video circulating on social media showcases the enduring bond between two lovers who began their journey as teenagers and have grown together, remaining as strong as ever.

In the video, the woman appeared youthful and slender, while her boyfriend seemed slightly older at the start of their relationship.

In a subsequent video, the woman had gained some weight, as had her boyfriend. Both individuals looked improved and lived in better conditions compared to when they first met.

Here are some reactions to the lady sharing her transformation before and after meeting her boyfriend:

kinglee_xx commented, “Moral of the story: Stick with your slim girlfriend, she may become curvy tomorrow 🫠.”

effedeborah suggested, “We need this guy to solve Nigeria’s economic issues 😫.”

ephexzee observed, “They were each other’s source of peace. When you give your partner peace and treat them right, they radiate differently.”

callme_yenny shared, “I need a guy who’s patient with me as I slim down now, so I can get thick later 😭😌😌😌😌😂😁😁.”

unstoppableabt questioned, “How did this happen? Did you only invest in her physical appearance?”


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