Agozi Samuel apologises to AY over alleged affair with May Edochie following petition [VIDEO]

A Nigerian social media user named Agozi Samuel, who previously accused comedian Ayo Makun of having an affair with May Edochie, has publicly apologized to him.

According to reports from HYPEBLOG9JA MEDIA, Samuel had previously shared a video on his Facebook page where he alleged that AY was romantically involved with May, leading to the end of her marriage to Yul Edochie. Additionally, Samuel had made threats against AY, claiming to have information about AY’s intentions to marry May Edochie.

However, Samuel has now issued a public apology to AY for his previous accusations and threats.

In response to the accusation, AY took legal action by filing a petition against Samuel for his defamatory remarks, which AY asserted had damaged his reputation.

Subsequently, Samuel released a video that quickly gained traction on social media, in which he publicly retracted his previous statements and apologized to the comedian for tarnishing his character.

During his apology, Samuel attributed his actions to economic challenges, admitting that he made the false accusations in pursuit of attention and financial stability.

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