“He should arrest her and sue for defamation of character” – Daniel Regha weighs in on Lil Frosh, Cute Gemini saga

Daniel Regha, a controversial critic, has offered some advice to singer Lil Frosh regarding his current situation with his ex-girlfriend, Cute Gemini.

Over the weekend, Lil Frosh spoke out about his past relationship, alleging that his ex-girlfriend had fabricated accusations against him. He also issued an apology to Davido, his former employer. Daniel Regha has taken the opportunity to educate Lil Frosh on what should be his main focus during this ongoing drama.

Daniel Regha

He denied allegations of physical abuse, admitting only to having once smacked her for disobeying his mother.

Lil Frosh shared photos of his ex-girlfriend pleading with him to reconcile, despite Davido accepting his apology and reinstating their Instagram connection.

Lil Frosh

On Instagram, Cute Gemini replied, reiterating her commitment to honesty and her determination not to be intimidated or harassed by anyone. Daniel Regha emphasized that asking Davido for another opportunity should not be Lil Frosh’s primary concern.

 Cute Gemini

He suggested that Lil Frosh should consider having his ex-girlfriend, Cute Gemini, arrested and file a lawsuit against her for defamation of character, given that he possesses sufficient evidence to support his claims.

In his statement, Daniel Regha remarked, “The Lil Frosh situation sheds light on many issues. However, why focus on pleading with Davido for forgiveness as a top priority? At this moment, his primary concern should be pursuing legal action against the girl and suing her for defamation, especially since he has evidence to support his narrative. It’s imperative to prioritize legal steps first. Other matters can be addressed later.”

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