Kanye West allegedly bans wife Bianca Censori from using social media for her own ‘protection’

According to insiders, Kanye West has reportedly prohibited his wife, Bianca Censori, from using social media in order to shield her from negative comments. This decision comes amidst ongoing concerns from Bianca’s friends, who fear that Kanye may be exerting undue influence over her, with some viewing his actions as indicative of controlling behavior.

Insiders revealed that Kanye has enforced this ban on Bianca’s social media usage due to the backlash she has faced from trolls regarding her unconventional attire since associating with Kanye.

“Bianca has always been active on social media, but that changed after marrying Kanye,” an insider disclosed exclusively to DailyMail.com. “He believes that exposure to hurtful comments could be detrimental to her well-being.”

The insider further explained, “Kanye has convinced Bianca that as a public figure, maintaining an air of mystery is crucial. He has framed social media as a means of control, which has left those who know Bianca feeling uneasy.”

However, concerns have been raised by friends over Kanye’s actions, particularly his posting of suggestive images of Bianca on his own Instagram account, despite his purported intentions to protect her.

According to the insider, Kanye West’s insistence on showcasing Bianca’s nudity on his own social media platforms is an attempt to control the narrative surrounding her, a move that has raised concerns about her increasing isolation.

Friends of Bianca are reportedly frustrated to witness her compliance with Kanye’s demands, noting a perceived regression in her assertiveness.

“Unfortunately, the strong Bianca who refused to tolerate his behavior seems to have disappeared once again,” the source emphasized. “She appears to be conforming to his desires in terms of her clothing choices, activities, and overall lifestyle because she feels she has no alternative. Transitioning from being his designer to his wife has left her feeling trapped.”

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In a previous report by DailyMail.com in October, it was revealed that Kanye had imposed strict guidelines on Bianca, including prohibiting her from speaking and dictating her diet and attire.

Insiders alleged that Bianca has relinquished her independence and now blindly follows Kanye’s directives, as he has convinced her of their supposed “royal” status.

“Kanye has established a set of regulations for Bianca, which includes restrictions on speaking and dictates regarding her attire,” the source elaborated. “She is also expected to adhere to specific dietary requirements and maintain a fitness regimen, despite Kanye’s own lack of interest in exercising.”

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