Some women become insane after marriage – BBNaija’s Angel

Angel Smith, a former participant on the Big Brother Naija reality show, has commented on the controversy surrounding married women’s reactions to their friends addressing their husbands by name.

In response to a user’s statement about being offended if a friend calls her husband by his name, Angel remarked that some women undergo a transformation after marriage, where their identity becomes solely tied to their marital status. She questioned whether it’s appropriate for friends to address their husbands as “Sir” or “Uncle.”

Angel also highlighted the cultural differences between different generations and noted that she personally wouldn’t address her friend’s husband as anything other than a joke, considering the context and dynamics of their relationship.

She concluded by suggesting that the discourse on this topic is trivial, emphasizing that even in biblical references, there are instances where familial titles are not strictly adhered to, citing Jesus addressing his mother as “woman.”

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