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‘You are just a side chick’ – Portable slams his baby mama, Ashabi [VIDEO]

Controversial Nigerian singer, Portable, has criticized his baby mama, actress Ashabi, for her recent interview.

It was reported that Ashabi, during an interview with actress Biola Bayo a few days ago, provided insights into their relationship, expressing her reservations about it.

She mentioned that despite the singer being married and involved with multiple women, she still believes that he is committed to her as if they were the only ones in a relationship.

In response to the widespread interview, Portable took to his Instagram story with a series of videos where he criticized the actress, asserting that she was simply a mistress.

Expressing his bewilderment at her decision to grant such an interview, Portable emphasized that she could never replace his wife.

“Why were you even giving that pointless interview? You’re just a mistress. I’m a responsible man with a wife and children at home. I accepted your pregnancy. Have I done something wrong? My wife has never once confronted any of you. Do you know how many women have children for me? They’re more than seven. Even if they’re asking you unnecessary questions, must you reveal details about our relationship?

“You can never compare to my wife. Are you the only mistress I have? You can never stand in for my wife.”


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