“Ifeoma, block me from seeing your status; I’ve seen enough” – Mother fumes after watching daughter’s status

A mother becomes furious after stumbling upon her daughter’s WhatsApp status, revealing her daughter’s party antics that she had forgotten to block her from seeing.

Ifeoma, the young lady in question, shared a video from the event on her status, capturing her mother’s attention. The mother expressed her disapproval of the mini skirt Ifeoma was wearing, questioning whether her daughter had lost her sense of self-control.

Concerned about the appropriateness of her daughter’s attire, the mother requested to be blocked from further such posts, indicating that she had seen enough.

Here are some gathered reactions to the incident:

  • Esther Gold humorously remarked, “Ifeoma, block me 😂😂 You’re doing too much 😂😂 Zero control.”
  • Priclesss Treasure shared a similar experience, stating, “This was me and my mom three years ago… God, this lovely soul won’t let one rest 😂.”
  • Brian sympathized with the mother’s reaction, commenting, “The mom is really upset. Oh, the manners instilled in us prevented me from many things.”
  • IFESTAR KEN added a playful perspective, saying, “Ifeoma is offline, but a princess online. Just playing around.”
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