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Why I admitted cheating on my ex-husband – Korra Obidi

Nigerian singer and dancer Korra Obidi has shared the reason behind her decision to publicly admit to cheating on her estranged husband, Justin Dean. Obidi, known for her candidness, previously revealed in a 2022 interview that she was unfaithful to her husband while she was in Nigeria before relocating to America to join him. In a recent interview with News Central, the mother of two clarified that she chose to disclose the infidelity because she preferred not to harbor any secrets.

She expressed no remorse for confessing her infidelity, emphasizing that her honesty led to significant revelations. “If I hadn’t spoken my truth, it wouldn’t have brought to light all the other truths that emerged,” she stated. Reflecting on the public acknowledgment of her cheating and her ex-husband’s admissions, she remarked, “It became apparent that both of us were engaged in these actions. We would have been perpetuating a facade to please the public, but how long could that last? I stand by my decision to openly address my commitment issues before coming to America. I never claimed that my ex-husband was the only person I’d ever be with. I confessed openly, despite facing criticism, because I refuse to carry secrets to the grave.”

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