You need BBL to get movie roles in Nollywood – Actress Bayray Nwizu

Nollywood actress Eberechukwu Bayray Nwizu has disclosed that the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) has become a prerequisite for actresses to secure movie roles from certain producers in the Nigerian film industry.

Speaking on TVC’s programme, Wake Up Nigeria, Nwizu highlighted the advancements in capital and infrastructure within the Nigerian movie industry over the years. However, she expressed concern over a decline in raw talent, noting that producers now favor social media influencers whom they believe can effectively promote their projects.

She emphasized the importance of finding a balance, acknowledging that while producers aim to make a profit, it’s essential to prioritize fairness. Nwizu explained, “A decade ago, the criteria were based on factors like fairness, height, and body size. Now, it’s about having a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).”

However, she shared a positive outlook, stating, “The encouraging news is that you no longer have to conform to these standards. With the availability of streaming platforms, individuals can create their own content and flourish. We no longer have excuses. While there will always be those who impose specific requirements, there are alternative paths to success.”

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