‘Megan Thee Stallion wanted to be Rihanna so bad’ – Nicki Minaj

American rapper Nicki Minaj has alleged that her fellow artist Megan Thee Stallion attempted to capitalize on her dispute with Tory Lanez, suggesting that she wanted a scenario similar to the situation involving Rihanna and Chris Brown.

Recall that Tory Lanez was sentenced to ten years in prison after being convicted of assault with a semi-automatic firearm and two other felonies. This followed a legal battle initiated by Megan Thee Stallion, who accused Lanez of shooting her in the feet at Kylie Jenner’s house in 2020.

During a recent discussion with her fans on X space, Nicki Minaj claimed that Megan Thee Stallion pursued legal action against Tory Lanez because she desired “a Rihanna moment.” Rihanna gained increased fame and commercial success after she spoke out about the physical abuse she experienced at the hands of her former boyfriend, Chris Brown.

While Chris Brown faced significant backlash, Rihanna garnered sympathy and support from many music fans due to the abuse she endured.Nicki Minaj suggested that Megan Thee Stallion was seeking a similar level of attention and sympathy with her recent situation involving Tory Lanez.

Minaj stated, “It’s obvious. She [Megan Thee Stallion] wanted a moment like Rihanna’s so badly. “But the thing is, Rihanna is known for her authenticity; she’s genuine and straightforward. Rihanna wouldn’t try to exploit something like that. You could see she was eager to move forward with her life.”

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