Mother of 3 seeks divorce over lack of love

A petitioner named Taiye AbdulGafar, who filed for divorce, custody, and maintenance of three children, was advised by the court to be patient. The woman, seeking a divorce from Saadu AbdulGafar due to a lack of love, expressed her exhaustion with the marriage at the Area Court, Centre-Igboro, Ilorin, on Wednesday. She prayed for the dissolution of their Islamic marriage.

She also requested custody of the three children, with the respondent being responsible for their school fees and maintenance. However, the respondent informed the court that he still desired to continue the marriage, and efforts were underway to reach a settlement. The presiding judge, Hammad Ajumonbi, counseled the petitioner to exercise patience, noting that all marriages faced challenges and no one had a perfect home life.

Ajunmobi advised the petitioner to consider settlement whenever approached by the respondent and to continue the marriage if it did not adversely affect her life and that of the children. The case was adjourned until March 11 for a settlement report.

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