Rita Edochie warns colleagues in Nollywood about unhealthy lifestyles

Veteran Nollywood actress, Rita Edochie, issued a caution to her colleagues in the industry regarding their lifestyle choices.

In a Wednesday Instagram post, Rita warned that individuals who excessively smoke and drink would not receive financial assistance from her if they encounter health issues.

She emphasized that despite widespread warnings about the dangers of smoking, many people in the industry continue to ignore them.

“All these individuals who are recklessly endangering their lives by smoking and drinking excessively. If you start facing health challenges, I won’t contribute a penny.

“The kidneys, heart, liver, and lungs are extremely delicate organs that require proper care. So if any of you mistreat your organs, don’t come to my DM or comment section asking for money.

“Even the Federal Ministry of Health consistently warns that smokers are at risk of premature death, clearly stated on cigarette packets. Yet, you’ll still seek assistance after harming your body. I won’t give a single penny.”

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